Fluid Topography

2014, Ljubljana Castle – Pentagonal Tower, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Fluid Topography is a spatial installation based on research of the shapes and dynamics of magnetic fluids. Observation of the dynamic characteristics of magnetic fluids as shaped by invisible magnetic fields directs the experience of the material in relation to the immaterial. The installation uses projections and reflections in order to dematerialize both the objects and the space. The aesthetics of the organic, non-material outlining of forms created by invisible magnetic forces creates a kind of ‘artificial nature’, a simulacrum of the natural, which aims to direct the viewer towards subtle, invisible and overlooked facets of reality. The project was developed in collaboration with the Jožef Stefan Institute. Special thanks to: Prof. Dr. Darko Makovec, section for the synthesis of materials, Jožef Stefan Institute.

Fluid Topography – catalog [PDF]