acryl, pastel on paper

variable dimensions:
Skin, 85 x 133 cm;
Hair, 98 x 195 cm;
Tooth v.1 (nano), 96 x 133 cm;
Tooth v.2 (micro), 96 x 133 cm;
Tooth v.3 (micro), 96 x 133 cm;
Tooth v.4 (IFFT), 96 x 120 cm.

Graphical images on paper combine structures that look like microscopic imagery and the morphology of bodily particles. The bodily tissue is mediated in a variety of observation ratios: from stylised visible body parts (abstracted forms of hair, eyelashes and skin structures) to microscopic images of elementary bodily particles. This type of technological layering explores the relationship between the visible (physical) and the representational (abstract, conceptual).