Project Description

Imaginary Skyrmions


#1 Vortex
#2 Torus
#3 Skyrmion Lattice
#4 Skyrmion Collapse
#5 Cross (B=16 Skyrmion)
#6 Spiral (cross-section of horizontal vortex)

kinetic light objects (series of 6)
plexiglass, LED reflectors, turntables
variable dimensions, diameter: 60 cm, height: 25–45 cm
technical associate: Lovrenc Košenina

This series of kinetic objects was created on the basis of scientific visualizations of magnetic skyrmions, thermal quasi-particles detectable as vortices in the structures of magnetic materials. The light-receptive kinetic objects vary in shape, as they do not attempt to objectively interpret or imitate scientific visualizations. Yet their parametric topologies interpret various types of skyrmion modelling, such as structures, diagrams, schemes, three-dimensional illustrations of particle movement and magnetic orientation. The formal result of this artistic interpretation is phantasmagorical, which aspect is emphasized by the additional effects produced by kinetic rotation and light projections, which together create an imaginary spatial landscape in motion.

My artistic preoccupation with quasiparticles is inspired by the fact that, unlike elementary particles that can exist individually – as they can also be found as particles floating in empty space – quasiparticles only exist in matter in the form of empty space within matter. Creating a series of objects initially grew out of the idea of producing an artistic manifestation of an intangible yet actively manifesting “void” made accessible with the use of advanced optical microscopy and mathematical calculations. Similarly, the fact that these swirling, spinning structures observable only at the nanometer level can transmit information and have a specific potential in the development of memory devices, advanced lighting solutions and ecologically responsible technologies make them exceedingly compelling.