multimedia interactive sound-light installation;
collaboration: Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec (sound, interactive system)
technology: movement sensors, electronic interface, lights, sound, ventilators
variable dimensions

Incubator is an interactive audio-visual installation that represents a self-sustained, circularly arranged dynamic system that translates tactile signals into audio and visual events. A viewer strolling through a completely darkened space is randomly touched or bumped into drifting fans and sensors that transmit air and tactile impulses to the electronic interface. It triggers instantaneous flashes of lights that create individual projections of transparent images and sound in a way that gives a sense of the presence of phantom-like intangible entities. The title (Incubator) refers to self-referentiality and autonomy of a dynamic ‘living’ system, its circular organization (‘autopoieses’ in terms of F. Varela’s definition), whose transformations are triggered by the viewer.