Liquid Solidity


video 5,06′
3D animation: Sunčana Kuljiš Gaillot
sound: Scanner – Robin Rimbaud

The round-shaped form in the process of constant transformation is based on the idea of simulating life at the molecular level. The structure, which periodically resembles a virus structure, complex proteins or carbon fullerenes, is being decomposed, transformed and re-shaped in a string of regulatory processes. The fusion of elements according to the rule of shape and anti-shape (the key–lock principle), chain formation, deformation with multiplied symmetry or a simulation of the Brownian motion create a flexible abstract form, which in a state of constant metamorphosis tends to seek stability. The simulation of processes at micro- and nano-scales reveals the surprising fact that many substances at the molecular level, as they strive for stability, flexibility and indeed their very existence are formed and arranged according to some intelligent order, even though they are not actually alive.