Primal States (Lux Aeterna)


site-specific installation (La Cittadele, Saint-Tropez)
plexiglass (150 x 200 cm), resin, light projection, sand

‘Working with nature, Uršula Berlot sets out to discover its underlying principles, subtly intangible yet overtly percpetible. Her challenging installations heighten viewers’ awareness of their own experience of time and space, undermining their certainty of being able to distinguish the living from the non-living, the material from the immaterial, the natural from the artificial. Primal States is a visual metaphor of the characteristics of the feminine. Horizontality, passivity, acceptance, frankness, sweetness and tenderness are shown in the context of a deliberately formal agenda. The use of transparent materials that reflect natural light by day and by night suggests an analogy with nature, organic forms and the fundamental concept of creation.’ (from the catalogue ART’FAB: L’art-La femme-L’Europe. Saint-Tropez, Paris: Terrail, 2006)