artificial resin, pigment;
dim: 120 x 130 cm

I’m interested in nature as a space of physical phenomena, elementary states of light and matter. My art is a metaphorical transposition of transitional, natural phenomena (transparency and other manifestations of light, fluid, organic states of physical substance, metamorphosis of forms, transition, condensation and crystallization of matter). Therefore, a transfer, translocation and stabilization of transitional natural states and ephemeral events with stable industrial, artificial materials. These are reduced: I use dematerialized bases of plexiglass and synthetic resin, in an analogy to the primary, fluid, colorless substance of the world. The procedures are based on the natural physical and chemical processes of gravity, crystallization, coagulation. The pictures are fragile sensors of light, open, passable spaces, translucent membranes, sensitive spaces of color ascetics, realms of shadows and reflections. They function on the sensual level; they are experienced as multidimensional organisms in material and non-material extensions. – Uršula Berlot, 2001