Project Description

Urs Bold: New Window, Duplicate Extension


Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana, 2019

The meeting of two artists is of course a dialogue, a conversation, a look, and a seeing. Sometimes a seeing and conversation simultaneously. And silence. There is subject matter and material. And light and dark, a projection. A »black out« and the light. Of two subjects and at least two objects. Too.

Urs Bold is the fictitious author of the exhibit, a spatial arrangement of works created through the processes of copying, duplicating, i.e. imitating. The art object becomes the motif of some other work, which in turn changes the meaning of the first; the non-materiality and dynamism of the first abolishes the objectness and immobility of the second. The interplay of artworks establishes ambivalent relationships between the object and its image, the model and its imitation, the original and the replica, authorship and anonymity.

The title of the exhibit is a made-up computer command, which describes and at the same time parodies the procedures pertaining to digital transformations and manipulations of contemporary disembodied, multiplied and simulated images.

The exhibit joins (new) artworks by Uršula Berlot and (old) works by Alen Ožbolt, visual artists and pedagogues at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana.