Project Description

Optical Diffraction


Video installation – dyptych
video projection (upper part): Bodyfraction 2020, Hyperoptics 2021 (sound: Scanner – Robin Rimbaud)
light work (lower part): laser-cut and digital print on plexiglass (113 x 150 cm)

dim: 230 x 150 cm

Exhibition view: Olomouc Museum of Art, Olomouc, Triennial of Contemporary Central European Art (2021)

Optical Diffraction is a site-specific video installation in the form of a diptych: the upper part presents a video projection (Bodyfraction, Hyperoptics) that opens up a way into an imaginary topography in motion, combining and mixing different kinds of visible, invisible (microscopic), and simulated realities. The lower part presents similar (microscopic or synthetic) still image that is subjected to further digital modifications and presented in the form of dematerialized light-sensitive perforated object (plexi-glass). Together, these form a complementary unity that plays with our sensorial perception of space in motion. The video projection absorbs us into a dynamic, immersive virtual space, while diffracted light – the result of a specific optical effect of a translucent image-object – triggers the physical engagement of the spectator in movement. Thus, the spectator becomes subjectively engaged in his/her own unique kinetic experience of space, light, and self-awareness. – Uršula Berlot, 2021