Polymorphic Imprint


UGM studio, Maribor, 2017
Photo by: Damjan Švarc

Electronic microscopy, crystallography and related geometric concepts of crystal grids reveal the relationships between the real and reciprocal (inverse) spaces as complex mappings, dispelling illusions of vision unity. Images of diffraction, showing the scattering of light onto crystalline planes, asunder a border dimension of vision, where reality reveals itself as a cut (gap) in spatial complexity in relation to the imaginary.

The exhibition Polymorphic Imprint brings together works created on the basis of microscopic images of nanostructures and transformations of substances, prompted by invisible fields of physical forces (electromagnetism, crystallization). A flexible miniature diorama, light-sensitive objects and video all create a simulation of nature, addressing optical unconscious and polymorphous aspects of the real, by revealing its own technological construction.