bend plexiglass, reflected light
Dim: 100 x 200 x 60 cm

‘An object by Uršula: a monochromatic shadowy image drawn on a white screen, on the floor or on the wall, by reflected light shining though deformed and corrugated plexiglass. This shadowy image creates the impression of the third dimension and appears to be material – a shadowy perspective created by accumulation of transparencies, reflections and shadows. The ‘image’ clearly appears as a projection, as a projection process; the object demands that we pay attention to its double structure, the relationship between the basic plexiglass transparency and the non-material light reflection. (…) The transition from the silent plexiglass matter to the organic shadowy image is discrete and not linked. There is no lever between the two, only empty space without any awareness. It is the space of the subject.’ – Luka Omladič, Reflection, 2002 (excerpt)