Reflective Transitoriness


kinetic light installation
reflective foil, artificial resin, rotating motor, lights
variable dimensions

A transparent picture is suspended on a rotating engine installed on the ceiling and is illuminated by two halogen projectors. It slowly rotates and projects moving, crystal-like light rays and veiled reflections. The fractal form on the plate is a computer-modified image of an X-ray scan of the author’s brain. The reproduction is two-sided, made of two types of material – one that reflects like a mirror, and another that enlarges like a magnifying lens, thus creating a condensation of light into a crystalline projection. The kinetic, multilayered spatial structure creates a virtual picture of membranous veils of light, which in the dissolving borders between the exterior and the interior, the projected and the reflected, metaphorically speaks of transitoriness, non-determination and the multidimensional spatial/time essence of every system, the sensible (natural or artificial) as well as the intelligible.

(Special thanks: Clinical Institute of Radiology, University Medical Center Ljubljana)