Self-portrait – Camera Oralis


digital print on plexiglass
Variable dimensions
Collaboration: Uroš Abram

This series of photographs was produced using a particular form of camera obscura created by the artist’s mouth. Technically the images are based on the use of a small piece of photosensitive paper installed in the mouth with the aperture located between the lips: the projection of light ‘draws’ an outline of the body observed and the exterior body is displaced in its own interior. However, the shape of the body, resulting in such an analogous process as an imprint of light, is not the only element determining the image; it occurs via a mixture of other types of imprints produced by the body itself – fingers, saliva, tongue, teeth, etc. The resulting ‘visceral’ self-portrait is permeated by corporeality and does not singularly ‘represent’ the bodily.