Project Description

Tactile Immateriality


multimedia event, co-authorship: Aleksandra Bajde (performance), Isabella Forciniti (sound), Sonica festival, 21 April 2023, Cukrarna Gallery, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Ljubljana

The multimedia performance “Tactile Immateriality” seeks to challenge conventional ways of experience by exploring ambiguous sensory encounters. It employs immersive spatial experiences that integrate visual, audio, and performative elements to play with spatial orientation, embodied experience, and the effects of subjective disintegration. The spatial installation of video projections and kinetic-light sculptures adopts the aesthetics of scientific visualizations to create a dynamic, surreal landscape in motion, while synthetic textures and complex vocal sounds undergo irreversible transformations that build and growing out of dense soundscapes. The performative elements – inspired by Rosi Braidotti’s writings on the posthuman – engage in an interactive dialogue with scenic elements, inviting the audience to participate in a multi-sensory experience.


Photos by Katja Goljat, Uršula Berlot