Translucent Membrane


plexiglass, artificial epoxy resin, shadow, reflection
dim: 180 x 100 cm

‘Uršula reintroduces indeterminacy, one of the key elements of the abstraction, through thorough setting up of art objects in the space and using of the light. The objects do not end with the contours of their material substance, they are “open works”, extending themselves into the immaterial sphere with the interplay of the material and its shadow. In the ambiences that are being constructed a passage from physical matter to its untouchable presence is realised. Indirectly also a passage from three-dimensional to four-dimensional field occurrs, the latter being constituted by time based phenomenon of the light and the viewer’s perception process. In communicating with the art work, the viewer is an active part who puts his/her experience into an order and adapts the unknown to the known.’ – Nataša Petrešin, 2002 (excerpt from the exhibtion text Reflection)