Project Description

Vector Fields (Skyrmions)


acrylic paint on plexiglass, UV light reflector
dim: 105 x 180 cm (each, series of 7)
Photo by: Boštjan Pucelj, Archive Gallery Krško; DK / Archive KIBLA

A series of images on Plexiglas shows a selection of two-dimensional diagrams of skyrmion vector fields, topological vortex textures of variously-oriented magnetization schemes, such as biskyrmion, antiferromagnetic skyrmion, skyrmion lattice and the like. The textures, created on a transparent support with specific lighting, project shadows that create the illusion of three-dimensional immersion. At the same time, due to the specific optical effects of fluorescent acrylic paint, they produce [what appear as] glowing of electrically-charged bodies. These scientific visualizations that here take the form of artistic motifs highlight the broader cultural significance of scientific and technological imaging, particularly its potential to reveal the invisible and the intelligible.